This is the Webpage of Arthur and Kirsten, we are living together with 2 cats in a quiet little village in the north of England

We have a lovely garden, and too little time to do anything else but take care of it, like riding the new Buell 1125 CR (see below), go for a round of golf etc.

Buell 1125CR, just for fun (146Bhp, thanks to Mart and Dris at , Arm-wrenching torque, over 150 Mph)

Maggie is from the RSPCA, and has been with us for 19 years, she had been in the shelter for about 4 months, because of the Foot and Mouth that raged in England

                        Maggie                                                                            TomTom

Our garden is Kirsten's pride and joy:

I tend to do other things, like cutting grass, welding weird creatures and learning to play my Beard Resonator Guitar: or: ( I wish !!)

Tom -Tom, a mix of a Norwegian forest cat and a domestic breed, adopted us some 13 years ago. He was abandoned and we managed to gain his trust. Unfortunately he developed a nasty illness, and we had to take the hard decision to put him to sleep. We miss him every day….